Join the discord

    Joining the Discord gives you access to information that other players may not receive, such as mandatory server restarts. Also you can provide suggestions in the #suggestions channel. If you start a group on the server you have the option of having a separate channel on the Discord for approved members of your group only, along with custom roles.

    When is the server up?

    • is a 24/7 server, meaning that it will always be up and running.
    • Simply join by typing or copying and pasting it into add server on Minecraft multiplayer, or copying the I.P. address:, by highlighting it and using Ctrl "C" to copy, than, in Minecraft use Ctrl "V" to paste the server's I.P. into the "server address" box in the "Add Server" function of the multiplayer page.

    About Me

    • I have played anarchy for three years and on multiple different servers. I decided to start a as hands-off as possible server, a pure vanilla Minecraft server. This decision was made due to a reset of the server that I had been playing on. It was very disappointing and something I did not want to go through again. So I have established a Minecraft server with the goal in mind to never reset, be completely hands-off, meaning no bans, but still try to keep it as vanilla as possible. This meant the installation of a few necessary plugins so don't be surprised if you get kicked for spamming chat!